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Firestone Mirror

Welcome to ArtiCulture Unlimited! 

We offer a wide range of distinctive cultural art and artifacts, including interior and exterior industrial artifacts and décor, reclaimed heritage and vintage artifacts, and striking creative design pieces for commercial environments, as well as the home and garden.  We offer both Functional Art, often called Art Furniture, and decorative pieces with an unusual flavor. Our functional art line blends form, function, sculpture, and fine art, denoting objects ranging from tables and chairs to beds, sofas, lighting screens, dressers, and even bathroom fixtures.  Our decorative line includes objets d’arte such as conversation pieces and wall hangings to walls and ceilings themselves, and size is unlimited. 

ArtiCulture Unlimited is comprised of a pool of experts highly experienced in residential and commercial construction, post and beam joinery, pattern and mold construction, metallurgy, and electronics. Whether you choose to indulge in one of our creations, or are searching for someone to help you bring your vision to fruition, we are here to serve you.  For many of our raw material needs, we have developed relationships and can source a myriad of items and services, including welding and fabricating, antique barn post-and-beam timbers and lumber, and custom finishing.

Bull Cart

Take a stroll through our site with the understanding that everything we do is exclusive and every item you see is one of a kind.  Our clients and customers rely on our ingenuity to source, create, manufacture, restore, and/or transport most anything you can think or dream of to bring to life your piece de resistance. We also subscribe to the environmentally conscious Green ethic, whereby we use reclaimed and recycled materials, as well as production methods. As mindful stewards of a sustainable Mother Earth, ArtiCulture Unlimited embraces the concept that to reduce, recycle, and reuse can not only benefit our environment, but beautify it as well.  Part of our mission is to lower our carbon footprint while showcasing our unique thumbprint.